Schedule Your Landscape Design Consultation Call

Speaking to a registered landscape architect will help you articulate some of your thoughts about creating outdoor living space and bring your ideas into sharper focus

This phone consultation will take about 20 minutes and will give you the opportunity to

  • express your thoughts and ideas
  • receive some expert feedback on those ideas
  • ask questions about Surrounds all-in-one creative process
  • get a preliminary sense of your project scope and time-line required

And of course, we will have questions for you to help you think more specifically about your landscape ambitions and prioritize some of the items on your wish list.

To schedule your landscape design consultation call, please complete the form to the right. After that, you will receive an email that contains:

  • a calendar link that allows you select the time and day most convenient for consultation call
  • information that will help you prepare for the call so it will be most productive for you

That’s it!